Freelancing as discussed earlier in this article, is a sought after career option in today’s time. It allows a lot of benefits especially in terms of investment and capital requirement. Taking the step to make freelancing your career option can very often seem like a risky one, but if done and incorporated with discipline, it can really reap several benefits.

Benefits of Freelancing 

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Some of the advantages of freelancing include: 

Freedom to work on your schedule

This can be looked upon as both a benefit and as a disadvantage. For somebody that has the right kind of discipline required, freelancing is definitely a good option. It requires a lot of self motivation and push to sustain long term with freelancing as a career option.

Flexibility in terms of work location

Freelancing offers great flexibility in terms of work location. This not only lets you cut down on a capital investment, it also helps you work at the comfort of home or any place else that helps you work better.

Greater exposure in various skills

Becoming a freelancer also requires wearing a lot of hats. Since you are the sole individual handling the freelancing, you do more than just what your skill set lies in. Right from pitching to a client and signing them up to delivering the project, you are bound to take up various roles. This helps you learn and grow through the entire process.

Control over the job and clients

When you work for a company, you most often do not get a chance to pick the clients you work with. With freelancing, you can make the choice and pick work and clients that you wish to work and grow with. This in turn helps you put your best foot forward.

Lesser costs, higher profits

Freelancing involves minimum to zero investment in terms of finance; no salaries to pay, no big bills to take care of. This helps you make the maximum profits from the earnings you make through the work.

You’re the boss!

Last, but not the least, you are your own boss! You get to make the decisions and you get to steer your company where you want it to. 

All of the above benefits can also be looked upon from another angle but if you are willing to take the risk and put in your best, freelancing is definitely the thing for you! 

How to go about becoming a freelance content writer (or freelance article writer)?

Unlike most other job roles that require some sort of learning/ training or courses, freelance content writing jobs from home require nothing more than a flair for writing and good language skills. There is no need for you to have a degree or experience to pick this as a career option. There are plenty of freelance content writing jobs for freshers that are available. 

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Do your bit at researching

A good amount of research would be a good pre requisite to begin your freelance career. Looking into what other freelancers are doing, reading blogs about freelancers and freelancing, checking out the pricing in the market and learning about the job is a good way to start.

Prepare yourself with skills & tools

Once you have done enough research and are ready to begin your career as a freelance writer, you must be able to prepare and equip yourself with an article writer’s duties and responsibilities. Besides having a flair in writing, there are some other skills you need to sustain and build yourself as a freelancer. Some of these include: Organizational skills, Confidence, Managing tasks, Apps and tools required for editing and writing, basic image editing skills, etc. You can find a list of available tools here:

Practice, Practice, Practice

You need to constantly write to be able to figure out what works and what doesn’t. This is a very important step in your process to become a successful article writer. Both reading and writing will help give your writing an edge and make your skills better with every word you write. 

Make your Portfolio

As a freelancer, you do not have enough backing in terms of a brand that portrays you and your work. Hence, it is important to build a portfolio for yourself showcasing your best work. A good portfolio will also serve as a good reason for your client to pick you when they are spoilt with choice. You can either create a blog online, a landing page with your work, or simply, a compiled PDF with some of your best pieces. Either way, make sure you have one because that is what will help you get a client on board.

Start pitching 

The incredibly huge demand for article writers and article writing jobs has paved way to a ton of portals that cater to connecting article writers with people or companies that require them. The idea is to go on various such portals and websites and register yourself to work for projects in the future. Besides this, promote yourself on social media and other online channels and join various Facebook/Whatsapp groups that are made especially for such purposes. Once you get in touch with people that need content writing done, you just got to start pitching.

Keep hustling and keep learning 

Your job as a freelance content writer does not end with creating a portfolio for yourself and finding a handful of clients. You need to remind yourself that you do not have a sales or business development team that is going to constantly work for you and get clients for you. You have to keep hustling and improving yourself as well as never stop your journey of learning. There is way more to freelancing and content writing than what meets the eye.

Here are some websites that you can check out to look for freelance content writing jobs: 

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To read about starting your career as a freelance digital marketer, check this article out:

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