Are you looking out to take the risk and become a freelancer? Is social media your forte? Do you think you have it in you to take up the task and promote brands on the digital medium? Whether you are sure or unsure about making the choice of becoming a social media freelancer, this article will help you guide your way through the very basics and maybe also give you some confidence in terms of the chosen path! 

Firstly, let’s begin with answering, who is a freelancer? As wikipedia defines it:

Freelance (sometimes spelled free-lance or free lance), freelancer, and freelance worker, are terms commonly used for a person who is self-employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work.

Freelancing is one of the most sought after career options today. It paves way to many growth opportunities which may or may not be available when you work in a company full time. Social media freelance work in specific is one of the highly picked options. This could be due to the ease of working over calls and the internet that social media as a platform provides you with. All you really need is a phone and a laptop with an internet connection. Ofcourse, besides the skills you need as a social media freelancer. If you have checked those boxes, you are honestly good to go! 

What does a social media freelancer do?

Well, for a short and simple answer; A LOT! There is no fixed social media freelancer job description that I or anybody else for that matter can provide you. But there is definitely a list of skills that one requires and a list of tasks that you would have to ideally take up. 

The skills vary from person to person and hence, different freelancers make different choices with regards to the services they provide. Social media comprises various tasks, right from copywriting, to planning content and designing. 

Hence, your first task would be to pick what you are best at! Here are some skills you would require as a social media marketer: 

  • An understanding as to how social media ads are run and the ability to execute them while providing good results to your client. Good results would ideally mean spending less per click or impression and converting the right customers by targeting the right audience through the ads. There are plenty of free and paid courses available for you to learn these platforms and execute ads on them.
  • One very crucial skill is to have if not great, but good content writing and research skills. No two projects will be similar. Hence, every client needs a good amount of research and a plan or strategy customized for them. 
  • An ability to be able to engage and grow an audience on the social media platforms. Different platforms require different plans of action. 
  • A basic marketing knowledge and understanding of how people move across marketing funnels, buyer persona’s and optimising conversions across platforms.
  • You will also require skills beyond social media. For eg: Basics of how PPC ads run, landing pages, websites, etc. To do this, you must engage in constant reading and updation of your general digital marketing skills.
  • If you are choosing to design the posts or videos yourself, you need to have knowledge about various softwares like adobe illustrator or photoshop. For simpler posts, options like canva are easily available, both free and paid versions. If not, you can always outsource the design and conceptualization work to somebody with better knowledge of the same. 
  • Overall, you’ll require good time management and discipline to pull off being a freelance full time. Since, there is no steady income or no work times, self discipline and constant desire to learn is a must! 

Once, you know and understand your personal skill sets, you are good to go! 

Make your portfolio

As a freelancer, you need to have a portfolio that you can present to your clients so they can trust you well and enough to pick you. You can build an online portfolio or get it designed by someone. Alternatively, you can build a website for yourself to showcase your past works and case studies of some brands that you might have worked with. Branding can also play a great role here. Testimonials from past clients can act like a good credibility source as well! Having a portfolio is one of the most important prerequisites to becoming a freelancer.

What are social media freelance rates?

As mentioned earlier, no two strategies can be the same and hence there can be no fixed pricing for the services you are going to provide. As a marketer, you are not selling just your services but your time. So make sure you are charging your clients based on the time and effort you put in besides the physical work that is going to go in. Analyse what the other freelancers that are similar to you are charging and price competitively. Remember, low pricing is not the way to go always. Maybe when you begin and want to get clients on board to make a portfolio, you can choose this route. But once you trust your skills and know what you do, do not price yourself low just to get yourself clients. 

Make sure to list your scope of work clearly on your pitch presentation and price it accordingly. Usually social media pricing works based on retainer (monthly) basis or sometimes, project basis. Pick what best suits you and your client. 

Some resources for social media freelancers: 

The internet has a huge list of resources available, for freelancers to use and make their work easier and more efficient. Some of these include: Google docs/ sheets, canva for designing, adobe creative cloud for designers, Grammarly for better writing, hootsuite for reports and listening and there are a lot more. We will talk about these softwares and their uses in the next few articles. 

Do you use any softwares in specific that you love? Comment with your favorites below! 

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